Personal Branding Unleashed

Welcome to 'Personal Branding Unleashed' – a course designed to help you craft and showcase your unique career success identity.
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Do You Have a Fool as a Client?

Welcome to the "Personal Branding" course, where we'll embark on a journey that can significantly impact your career and earning potential. In today's competitive world, personal branding is a game-changer.

Personal branding is the linchpin to unlocking your career earnings potential. Your brand isn't just about a logo or tagline; it's the sum of your values, skills, experiences, and reputation. By strategically crafting and nurturing your personal brand, you can position yourself well in order to attract opportunities and increase your earnings potential.

The good news is that personal branding doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a structured approach and time-saving strategies like content curation, you can streamline the process. We'll guide you through actionable steps to create and maintain an effective personal brand efficiently.

Remember, as a professional, your personal brand is your most valuable asset. Ignoring it is like having a fool for a client. Let's ensure you don't fall into that trap. Join us in this course, and together, we'll empower you to take control of your professional identity, boost your career, and secure your financial future through the process of personal branding. Don't wait; let's get started today.

Here are the topics we will cover in this course

1 You're Not Alone

Join an elite club of individuals who succeed with personal branding. 

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2 The Heart of Your Brand

It's all about sharing the authentic you with the world.

3 You Have a Choice

You always have a choice. What personal branding decisions will you make?

4 It's Not About Self Promotion

Fear not, personal branding has no connection to self promotion - we promise!

5 Network Building

Learn how to effectively build your network in support of your personal brand building.

6 The Power of Consistency

Success results from a combination of time, effort, and unwavering consistency.
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7 Measure Your Brand's Impact

Discover what your personal brand reality is and avoid making costly assumptions.

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8 Your Success Roadmap

Harness yourself with personal branding tools to navigate your success journey.  

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9 Course Materials

We provide you with selected course materials designed to make your journey easier.

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Meet the instructor

Paul Poirier

As a seasoned performance-centric thinking professional, Paul possesses a deep understanding of what it takes to excel in today's competitive landscape. He has honed his expertise through years of practical experience, navigating over 12 industries, and leading teams to achieve exceptional business transformation.

Knowing why a new employee and leadership playbook is required, is easy to answer. Understanding how to implement the solutions of the new playbook is the real challenge and where he loves to spend his time 
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