Performance-Centric Leadership

Elevate your leadership and drive unparalleled team performance with our 12-week Performance-Centric Leadership course. Transform, excel, and master your leadership journey now!
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Mastering Something is a Personal Choice!

This course is tailored for leaders such as yourself who aspire to enhance their own performance and, consequently, the performance of their teams. Leadership is not just about guiding others; it's about continuously evolving and mastering oneself in the realm of performance-centric leadership.

In this course, you will embark on a transformative journey with 12 project-based modules. Each module is crafted to challenge your your existing leadership paradigms and empower you to make strategic choices that drive results. From instilling performance-centric thinking to designing effective performance metrics, and from leveraging the power of ClickUp to cultivating a proactive mindset, this course covers a broad spectrum of essential leadership facets.

You'll delve into the nuances of problem-solving, decision-making, and solution development. We'll explore the art of giving and receiving feedback, a critical component of leadership communication. Together, we'll build the foundations of high-performance cultures and teams, navigate the complexities of adaptive leadership and change management, and hone your strategic thinking and planning skills.

The culmination of this course is a project assignment that not only assesses your learning but also empowers you to implement these insights into real-world scenarios. Your choice to master these elements will define your leadership journey. Let's embark on this path together, where mastering leadership is not just an aspiration but a personal choice that propels you and your team toward unparalleled success.

Topics we'll explore in this course

1 Performance-Centric Thinking

Explore the core of performance-centric thinking. This module introduces the essential mindset and strategies required to elevate your leadership effectiveness and drive measurable outcomes for your team.

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2 Success Habits

Uncover the daily habits that distinguish high-performing leaders. This module will guide you in developing and sustaining key practices that enhance performance and influence within your team.

3 Performance Metrics

Learn to craft and apply effective performance metrics. This module will equip you with the tools to establish clear, actionable benchmarks that align with your strategic goals and drive team success.

4 The Power of ClickUp

Dive into ClickUp, a pivotal tool for execution and insights. This module will demonstrate how ClickUp can enhance your decision-making and streamline team performance through focused, data-driven management.

5 The Right Mindset

Develop a mindset geared towards continuous improvement. This module focuses on cultivating the proactive attitudes necessary for effective leadership and sustainable growth within your team.

6 Problems and Decisions

Learn how to better prioritizing challenges and make swift, effective decisions. This module will enhance your problem-solving skills and decision-making prowess, crucial for leading under pressure.
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7 Solutions

Learn how to best secure buy-in for your solutions. This module teaches strategies to effectively present and advocate for ideas, ensuring alignment and enthusiastic support from other leaders and your team.

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8 Feedback

Enhance your leadership with the power of feedback. This module focuses on mastering the skills of giving and receiving feedback effectively, a critical tool for personal and team growth. 

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9 High-Performance

Discover the keys to building a high-performance team and culture. This module will guide you through the best practices and approaches to foster excellence and drive superior team performance.

10 Be Fearless

Embrace change and lead with courage. This module empowers you to adopt adaptive leadership practices, motivating you to confidently navigate and drive change within your organization.

11 Strategic Thinking

Unlock the full potential of strategic thinking. This module delves into what it truly means to think strategically and how to excel in shaping and guiding your team towards long-term objectives.

12 Assignment & Presentation

This module offers simple, effective techniques for presenting any subject matter to captivate your audience and secure their buy-in.

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Meet the instructor

Paul Poirier

As a seasoned performance-centric thinking professional, Paul possesses a deep understanding of what it takes to excel in today's competitive landscape. He has honed his expertise through years of practical experience, navigating over 12 industries, and leading teams to achieve exceptional business transformation.

Knowing why a new employee and leadership playbook is required, is easy to answer. Understanding how to implement the solutions of the new playbook is the real challenge and where he loves to spend his time 
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