Secure the guidance of an advisor, coach, or trainer – fundamental #6

If you are concerned about improving your business or personal performance and you are receiving help from a coach, consultant, or mentor, you are doing so for a single reason: You are looking to achieve more success with less effort. However, most businesses and leaders wait until there is a crisis before engaging with a professional.

“Everyone needs a coach”.

-Bill Gates

Regardless of who we are, we all need someone to guide us. The great Kobe Bryant won five NBA Championships, and legendary Michael Jordan won six NBA Championships. But neither of them won a single championship without their coach, Phil Jackson. Hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One”, won four Stanley Cups with coach Glen Sather.

Leaders are faced with the constant need to answer questions, make critically important decisions, and lead their teams to great success. To achieve the highest level of success, they should embrace an absolute truth: Every leader needs help. Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Wayne Gretzky had the help of coaches who pushed them to become champions.

The complexity and rapid change of today’s business world requires that an organization have highly engaged and innovative talent. The need for leaders to produce results quickly for their team, investors or share holders, means that it is absolutely necessary to have a source of guidance and wisdom. Someone who is a sounding board that saves both time and money by showing a proven path to success or by providing alternative things to consider before making a decision of consequence. All leaders need someone to help them steer the ship through an ocean filled with dangers that may permanently sink their business.

There should be no confusion, leaders need to guidance of an advisor, coach, and trainer. Every business and leader requires a bespoke solution. Some may be able to take a longer approach and use the wealth of free expertise that can be found on the internet. Others might need immediate focused help that can be found by hiring a professional to work directly with.

Being a leader is no small challenge. Having the services of a advisor, coach, and trainer by your side is most likely the missing ingredient you need to achieve your desired goals. Don’t believe me, search for what Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Wayne Gretzky have to say on the matter.

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